Believe me love, you are the only irritating character from where I stand, give me Tiny Tim any day!

I needn’t of worried about the gate, the flight was so full they asked if some people wouldn’t mind checking their bag in for free. Well at least this way I didn’t need to explain myself, or need to ask someone to lift it into the over head cabin for me, with a mime of a stomach operation…. So dramatic. So here I am on my delayed flight home, full of irritating over educated buffoons arguing over whether Tiny Tim in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” should of just died at the beginning of the book as he was so annoying and that Froddo in bloody “Lord of the Rings” was a far superior character and this from a man doing a Masters Degree….. god help us!!

Please let my bag be on the carrousel at Gatwick, then all that’s left is the drive home, where my Daddy will be waiting to meet me, to carry my case up the stairs. Then I just have to look after these little embryos and pray that one or both start to dig their way in to my magical 10.3 lining within the next few days.

I has my scan booked at 4pm yesterday, so here I was on another race from work to a medical centre in West Malling. I was seen fairly quickly after filling out numerous forms whilst waiting with a load of pregnant women excited about having their 12 week/ 20 week/ 3D/ 4 fucking D abdominal scans and me waiting for the joy of yet another transvaginal scan.

I was called in and assumed the now very familiar position. She first noticed a small fibroid but that wasn’t an issue as it wasn’t located in the uterus. Then she measured my lining, 8mm! YES!…. I know from before that this is good as I had my last embryo transfer with a super triple lining of 8.3mm, anything above 8 is good. “Is it a triple layer?” I ask, “no, I don’t think it is unfortunately”. My heart sunk a little but we still had a way to go so maybe that would come in time.

The other ovary had another follicle/cyst of 8mm which she declared was an odd shape and size. “Sorry” she said, “I really hope it works out for you, we will do a photocopy of the results for you to send to your clinic. Good Luck”, and off I went.

She also measured any potential follicles, now follicles and cysts look the same and usually a follicle is in the 8mm – 18mm range if you’re having own egg ivf, this bad boy was 36mm x 26mm, far too big and more than likely a cyst

As soon as I got home, I emailed P the results and waited anxiously for her reply. It was nearly 9pm last night when the phone rang. She wanted to talk to me rather than email…. Does this woman ever have time off?

She said that the fibroid was fine and she wasn’t bothered about the cysts either (which has really baffled me) but because the lining wasn’t triple layered she was concerned that my progesterone levels were too high and therefore I needed to get them tested ASAP and send her the results within the next 24hrs.

If they come back high our ivf cycle will be CANCELLED

Through tears I searched and searched till gone 11pm for places to do progesterone testing. I emailed my old clinic and got up early this morning to call them and leave a message. I then found a “city doc” in tunbridge wells that has a walk-in clinic and does rapid response blood tests. I raced down there and stood outside till they opened. “sorry you have to make an appointment, we only do walk ins in London” Fuuuuuuuuck! “you can have an appointment today though, is ok?” YES! “oh sorry no, we don’t do tests for progesterone, perhaps you could try London?” London, LONDON. I have to leave for work at .

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