We’ve turned into them- anyone remember that?

Always enjoy your broadcast!! I remember when i was a kid hearing how the Russians and Chinese were so bad and the term ‘Godless’ was always used. THOSE GODLESS COMMUNISTS. ? Our leaders are Godless and all the evil and foolishness that follows. We better get prepared. Financial bankruptcy comes after moral bankruptcy.

Hi Greg

Greg, I had Covid mild in . Then a year and half later had an attack unrelated and needed emergency surgery with a stint left behind. I was delayed each time they planned the removal surgery. Each time I had to take the two day Covid test. Fearing a positive each time because Covid was all around me and I knew I was fighting it off. The worst time even with Ivermectin. I had a few extra doses and would take a treatment set just before the planned test. Each time negative. The third time I was negative the surgery went forward removing the thing. I was happy to have it gone and I am certain The Ivermectin helped me pass those tests. Even with Omicron which I knew was attacking me every week or two, I was testing negative. When I ran out, I bought the horse paste, but I have horses, nothing new. I ordered extra while I found a convenient place to get a dozen tubes. I was still not happy so I ordered from over the pond. I even heard those were being confiscated if found in transit. So they are making it harder to get if they can. It is not cheap either but worth it. Anytime you hear more from reputable Doctors about treatment of cancer, let us know. It the Doctor is right about the shots causing cancer that will put heavy pressure on buying the stuff.

Another great podcast by Greg Hunter, thank you!

Thank you for your commentaries! You are the voice of truth in a world where truth is suppressed. You are the MAJOR reason that I WOKE UP! I am trying to wake up others, but it is difficult! People are too comfortable. As long as they get their weekly allotment of ENTERTAINMENT, nothing else seems to matter to them. Everything is just ok, right? Please keep it going. You have my support.

I ordered ivermectin before the postal service starting seizing and destroying packages. I’m glad I was prepared several months before getting Covid. You can’t wait until you get Covid….

Yes, Zoltan is correct: Powell’s task is to trash the economy, why? All part of the WEF’s Great Reset. You are correct–buy real goods. Fresh tyres, batteries, etc. Learn to do your own repairs or do without. Dire times are at hand.

OKEY DOKE GREG, I just had to stop what I am currently doing and in the middle of your fiery sermon about Demoncrats hating Black people to say “Here, Here”. I am Black and sometimes I feel like screaming when I see friends falling for the hog slop the Dems throw out to keep us on the plantation! And yes, the self- hatred I see in the Mad Maxine Waters Co. who do nothing for their districts once they are anointed into the Dem Club. So many people I know fall for the “race card” that’s thrown out and just plain shut down on anyone who is not a Democrat. I think the Black church must also be called into account as I have found many of them in lock step with the Dem party line. The Bible takes second place to the Democrat agenda. Case in point – When Obumer lit the White House up with the homosexual pride colors to celebrate sodomite “marriage” the church said nothing. They always gave him a pass and pointed at how hard he online title loans Michigan was working. Not one word was said as he made the White House Party Central with a revolving door for celebs but never once attempted to set up a model program in Chicago (his “home”) to deal with inner city youth and programs to help them break the poverty cycle. The church blindly enabled him and his mess. I could go on but will stop with this – the most conservative group of Blacks that I consistently ran into were those in the military. That was 7 years ago but now even it has become a laboratory for liberal thinkers so seriously doubt you can find enough conservatives to cuss a cat in the new woke Armed Forces. THANK YOU FOR TELLING THE TRUTH.

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